ORION SRL started the activity in 1991 and specializes in nonferrous castings. The company has continuously improved the quality offered in order to obtain and maintain a high level of satisfaction from the clients. The main goals set and continuously followed have been to expand the range of products offered and to improve the quality of the castings. Also maintaining competitive prices was a permanent must in order to gain a higher percentage of the market.

In 2000 the company has acquired the majoriy share holder of SC TURNATORIA CENTRALA ORION SA from Campina and has therefore managed to expand the production ranges in the ferrous department. As a result, the ORION group was born, consisting of ORION SRL – for all nonferrous castings (bronze, brass, aluminium, other copper alloys) and TURNATORIA CENTRALA ORION SA – for ferrous castings ( cast iron and steel)


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